Weekly Moving To-Do List
10th September, 2015
Moving Timeline
To make the moving process more manageable we recommend that you breakdown the moving tasks into a weekly Moving To-Do List. By chipping away at the moving process week-by-week you will save time and money and ensure that you experience the stress-free move you deserve.

Week 8: MOVERS

Booking a moving company should be done sooner than later to ensure that you have the supp
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Republic Moving & Storage Employment Opportunities
31st March, 2015
Employment opportunities await you at Republic Moving & Storage's Job Fair.Republic Moving & Storage is Southern California's leader in residential and commercial moving and storage and we earned this title through our dedicated and highly qualified team of movers, packers and drivers. If you are interested in signing on and growing with a company tha
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Decluttering for a Move: Outdated Technology
12th February, 2015

Step #3: DVDs, VHS, Tapes, CDs

It's time to declutter for your move and 1990 called and they want their DVDs, VHS tapes and CDs back. Seriously. All of them. They are old, clunky, collect dust and over time may not even work. Technology has taken strides and this involves you not having to lug that box of home videos from move-to-move.For any home VHS movies bring them to a pl
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De-Cluttering for a Move: Magazines
12th February, 2015

Step #2:

Even if you aren't moving in the near future it is always a good time to keep on top of de-cluttering for a move.  When you and your home are organized you save yourself: time, money and sanity before, during and after the move.Next item on your de-cluttering list? Magazines!Why are you keeping those stacks of magazines? They are heavy to move, collect dust and typically never get used for mor
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De-clutter for a Move
12th February, 2015

STEP #1:

Whether you are moving today, tomorrow or not for a long time, the key to any successful move is being organized before, during and after the move...and that requires a little de-cluttering for a move.Follow us here to learn daily tips on how to declutter for a move through re-use, recycling, donating, gifting or selling.Top Items on your list today? Your bedroom closet!It's time to eliminate and de-clutter the closet.
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