5 Tips to Celebrate the Holidays in Your New Home: Tips From San Diego Moving and Storage Companies
5th December, 2019
San Diego Moving and Storage Companies | Holidays in a New Home | Republic
The holidays are upon us and nothing welcomes in the holidays better than celebrations and decorations. San Diego moving and storage companies like Republic understand the importance of the holidays so here are some great tips on how to ring in the holidays in your new home.

1. Decorate

Nothing says holiday cheer like some beautiful wreaths on the door or some lights to brighten up the space. If you have moved with kids, then they may
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5 Things to Prepare for an International Move: Packing, Self Storage, and More
25th November, 2019
Self Storage in Chula Vista, CA - Republic Moving and Storage

From packing to finding self storage, here are some essential tips for moving internationally

Moving domestically is hard enough and moving internationally is a completely different kind of beast. Aside from the large physical distance, you must travel and any self storage needs, moving to a new country has a lot of requirements that moving domestically does not. Here are 5 things you need to do before moving internationally. Read More
Home Staging Ideas to Prepare Your House for Sale
14th November, 2019
Home staging in Chula Vista, CA - Republic Moving

Republic moving offers some home staging tips that will help you sell your house

If you are selling your house, it is important that you present it to potential buyers in the best possible light. This is the point of home staging—decorating your house in a way that shows off its value to potential buyers. Home staging is a bit different than just decorating though, Here are some home staging ideas that will help you sell your house.
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How Hotel Owners Can Benefit from San Diego Storage
7th November, 2019
San Diego Storage in Chula Vista, CA

Here are some ways that hotel owners can benefit from commercial San Diego storage

Most people have heard about commercial storage but fewer have taken advantage of it. While storage can be great for personal use, hotel owners have a lot to benefit from commercial storage. If you are a hotel owner, here are some reasons why you should invest in San Diego storage.

Banquet and event storage

Many hotels host private banquets and
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What is Double Drive Time And Why Do Movers Charge It? Explanation from Business Movers at Republic
1st November, 2019
Business movers in Chula Vista, CA - Republic Moving

Business movers at Republic explain what double drive time is and why moving companies charge it

Consumers looking for business movers or residential movers have probably seen the phrase “double drive time” on moving companies’ websites. Here is a short guide on what DDT is and why moving companies charge it.

What is DDT?

In short, the Double Drive Time law (DDT) passed by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPU
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