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As City Heights’ premier mover, Republic Moving & Storage are seasoned experts on the City Heights area and everything that it has to offer. If you are looking to move, take advantage of our City Heights Movers overview to learn about everything that this reinvented area has to offer.


The City Heights neighborhood is divided into two areas: City Heights East and City Heights West. The neighborhood’s boundaries are defined by the Interstate 805 to the west, 54th Street to the east, El Cajon Boulevard to the north and Home Avenue, Euclid Avenue and Chollas Parkway to the southeast. City Height’s ‘downtown’ or ‘main drag’ is referred to as Fairmont and University Avenues. Because of the size of the neighborhood, City Heights is further divided into sixteen sub-neighborhoods including:

Azalea Park



Cherokee Point

Chollas Creek

Colina Park


Fairmount Park

Fairmount Village

Fox Canyon

Hollywood Park

Islenair (historic district)


Swan Canyon

Teralta East

Teralta West



A ‘melting pot’, City Heights, San Diego is a large, dense and ethnically diverse neighborhood in San Diego.  City Heights has a large number of retail stores, restaurants and ethnic businesses throughout the neighborhood   As an older San Diego neighborhood, City Heights has recently undergone some redevelopments and growth. With new park developments and beautification projects, new trendy bars, art events, expanded schools, a new ‘urban village’ including a: library, gymnasium and new police headquarters— it is not surprising that the City Heights neighborhood was named one of the best places to live in San Diego in 2015 by San Diego Magazine. Because of the presence of the University Avenue transit corridor (the busiest in the metro region), City Heights has substantial bus service connecting to Downtown as well as to the Mission Valley trolley stops.



Ethnic Eats: From Hispanic, Vietnamese, Somalian Chinese, East African, African American, and Middle Eastern…there is no lack of choices in ethnic cuisine in this neighborhood and might we add it is all very tasty. Adventure out and try some new fare or something new; there is something for everyone in this area.

Copley-Price Family YMCA:  The Copley-Price fitness center is 7,500 square feet not including three exercise studios, teen center and outdoor picnic and playground areas. Recreational programs and services for all ages and interest including but not limited to:  child care, education, camp, fitness sport classes and swimming all aim to improve family experiences and promote healthy living.

Azalea Park Arts District: an area once run-down and neglected is now the home to sculptures, art installations, murals and hand-painted signs to denote the flower-named streets. There are 38 featured pieces of art which are well worth a look that are sporadically placed throughout the community. Local artists have moved their businesses to Azalea Park and in turn this has turned into a growing, vibrant arts community.  Featured in Azalea Community Park is a water conservation garden displaying unique art and water conscious landscaping.

Mid-City Skate Park: For years’ local youth campaigned for a skate park in the City Heights neighborhood and their hard work and dedication paid off. The centrally located mini-park brings a 3,500 square foot skate plaza, turf and play areas to the area along Interstate 15 a few blocks south of University Avenue.



Health Sciences High & Middle College (HSHMC): 3910 University Ave San Diego, CA 92105 | 619.528.9070

City Heights Prep Academy:  3770 Altadena Avenue San Diego, CA 92106 | 619.795.3137

Gompers Preparatory Academy:  1005 47th Street San Diego, CA 92102 | 619.263.2171

San Diego Global Vision Academy:  3430 School Street San Diego, CA | 619.600.5321

Arroyo Paseo Charter High School:  3773 El Cajon Boulevard San Diego, CA 92105 | 619.677.3017


Waldorf School of San Diego:  3547 Altadena Avenue San Diego, CA 92105 | 619.280.8016

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School (OLSH):  4106 42nd Street San Diego, CA 92105 | 619.284.1715


Central:  4063 Polk Avenue San Diego, CA 92105 | 619.281.6644

Cherokee Point:  3735 38th Street San Diego, CA 92105 | 619.641.3400

Clark (Monroe):  4388 Thorn Street San Diego, CA 92105 | 619.344.4200

Edison:  4077 35th Street San Diego, CA 92104 | 619.344.5400

Euclid:  4166 Euclid Avenue San Diego, CA 92105 | 619.344.5600

Hamilton:  2807 Fairmount Avenue San Diego, CA 92105 | 619.344.6800

Herbert Ibarra:  4877 Orange Avenue San Diego, CA 92115 | 619.641.5400

Mann:  4345 54th Street San Diego, CA 92115

Marshall:  3550 Altadena Avenue San Diego, CA 92105 | 619.344.5100

Mary Lanyon Fay:  4080 52nd Street San Diego, CA 92105 | 619.624.2600

Rosa Parks: 4510 Landis Street San Diego, CA 92105 | 619.282.6803

Rowan:  1755 Rowan Street San Diego, CA 92105| 619.344.3400

Wilson:  3838 Orange Avenue San Diego, CA | 619.362.3400


Hoover High School:  4474 El Cajon Boulevard San Diego, CA 92115 | 619.344.4500

Crawford Educational Complex (former Will C. Crawford High School):  4191 Colts Way San Diego, CA 92115 | 619.362.3700

Community Health and Medical Practices School (CHAMPS)

Invention and Design Educational Academy (IDEA)

School of Law and Business (LAB)

Multimedia and Visual Arts School (MVAS)



As an older neighborhood that is just starting to reinvent itself, City Heights is lacking the typical urban, Luxury high-rises. What they do have, is a plethora of cute cottages, mid-sized apartments and condos that have a lot of character, charm that instantly make you feel like you are home. Here are some of the best places to look and stay up-to-date on apartments to move to in City Heights, San Diego neighborhood.  When you do decide to move to the City Heights neighborhood, call on the City Heights Movers at Republic Moving and Storage to get you there:



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