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Kensington Movers, Republic Moving & Storage’s Neighborhood Overview of the Kensington area includes: how to get to this charming area, attractions, restaurants, schools, some of our favorite apartments to move into and more! From the moment you decide to move until the last box is unloaded, your Kensington Movers at Republic Moving & Storage are there with you every step of the way.


Kensington, CA is an upscale neighborhood of San Diego, California located on the southeast rim of Mission Valley.  Known for its Spanish-style, single-family homes and well-manicured lawns, Kensington is a quiet family-neighborhood with deep community roots. Kensington has a business district on its main drag, known as Adams Avenue, that consists of small, locally owned businesses ranging from local services, business offices, cafes, bars, and restaurants. There is also a large chain grocery store and drugstore, post office, library and convenience stores that are easily walked to from anywhere in the Kensington neighborhood.  Kensington’s borders are defined by Interstate 15 to the west, Interstate 8 to the north, Fairmount Avenue to the east, and El Cajon Boulevard to the south. Neighborhood Normal Heights is to the west and City Heights to the south.


Walkability: Kensington is a great walking neighborhood where you can walk to do just about anything. Like surrounding neighborhoods along the Adams Avenue corridor this area was once connected to the rest of the city by streetcars. Long gone are the streetcars but the streets of Kensington still have the look and feel of a small-town community, lined with twinkle-tree-lights and a historic neighborhood sign welcoming you to the neighborhood.  A stroll through neighborhood you can enjoy dog-friendly patios and businesses on the main street or admire the well-maintained homes that are tucked away on these quiet streets.

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