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If you are looking to move to Point Loma San Diego, rely on the Point Loma Movers at Republic Moving & Storage. From household and apartment moves to office and military moves there is no move too big or too small for Republic. Learn more about what this sea-side neighborhood has to offer in our Point Loma Neighborhood Overview.

The San Diego seaside neighborhood of Point Loma is bordered on the east by the San Diego Bay and Old Town neighborhood, the west and south by the Pacific Ocean and North by the San Diego River. Combined with the Silver Strand in Coronado, Point Loma divides the San Diego Bay from the Pacific Ocean. Point Loma, meaning “hill point” in Spanish, is a seven-mile strip of hilly, lush land that serves as gateway and protector to San Diego Bay, the largest land-locked harbor in the world. This beautiful peninsula has been described as “where California began” being the landing place for the first expeditions.

There are distinct areas within the neighborhood of Point Loma.  Point Loma is a hilly peninsula with tree-lined streets and gorgeous, vintage homes that boast multi-million-dollar ocean and harbor views–these homes can be found in the area of The Point. In the Midway area you will find swap meets, motels, short-term apartments or extended stays and retail businesses. In the Southern Ocean Beach area, you will find a popular area for experienced surfers, a popular spot to take in amazing sunsets known as Sunset Cliffs and multi-million-dollar homes overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  The Harbor area is home to Yacht clubs, resort hotels, restaurants and boating amenities.  The Liberty Station area, a relatively newer ‘urban village’ area, is the home to a redeveloped Naval Training Center. In the Liberty Station area, you will find a Golf course, the NTC Promenade, 48 museums, art and dance studios, retail stores and a plethora of art events and happenings.  In the Naval Area of Point Loma there are Naval facilities that are the result of a six naval installations that were consolidated as Naval Base Point Loma in 1998. Current major commands onboard include Commander Third Fleet, Naval Mine and Anti-Submarine Warfare Command, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, and Submarine Squadron Eleven.

Cabrillo Monument:  named after the 16th century explorer Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo whose expedition landed on this peninsula, Cabrillo Monument is a California National Monument and is one of the most visited attractions in San Diego, California. The two-mile Bayside Trail offers hikers breathtaking views of San Diego Bay and city’s skyline and is the location for some for some of the last remaining remnants of coastal sage scrub habitat in the world. The Coastal Tidepool Trail provides views along the ocean leading to the tide pools and is one of the best protected samples of these unique ecosystems in Southern California. This is also a favorite location to enjoy whale watching. The annual migration of the Pacific Gray Whale occurs during the months of December, January and February.

Old Point Loma Lighthouse:  One of the original eight lighthouses on the West Coast, The Old Point Loma Lighthouse was restored and refurnished to reflect what life was like in the 1800s. Enjoy interactive exhibits, history lessons and more when you visit this must see attraction in Point Loma.

Surfing, Fishing & Sunsets: There are no defined beaches on Point Loma making swimming opportunities scarce but it is a popular destination for skilled surfers to catch some great breaks, sunset viewing and the occasional small wedding.  South of Sunset Cliffs is Osprey Point. There’s good fishing off the rocks here, and a textured retaining wall where rock climbers have been known to train.  South of Osprey Point is Luscomb’s, a surf break in the middle of a small bay with a rock peak near the shore.  “Garbage Reef” is where the road ends on Ladera Street.  Venture past Ladera and you’ll find the road into Sunset Cliffs Natural Park a 68-acre resource-based park, where you’ll find more quality surf spots at AB’s and New Break. Beyond the southern limits of the park, the coast is rough and only accessible by boat.  Die-hard surfers with boats head all the way to the tip, to the winter break called Dolphin Tanks or the summer break called Ralph’s.  For the land-lovers we recommend the breathtaking sunsets and sunrises of Sunset Cliffs. It is strongly advised that you obey all signage and warnings in and around this area if you want to get out of your car for a closer look. The Sunset Cliffs are known for their constant erosion and collapsing. Unfortunately, they are also known for many injuries and even deaths of locals and tourists so it is strongly advised to take extra precautions when on or near the Sunset Cliffs.

There is a wide variety of options when it comes to renting in Point Loma including luxury apartments, military housing and private condos. Wherever or whenever you do decide to move to in Point Loma, rely on the Point Loma Movers and San Diego’s Military Movers at Republic Moving & Storage to get you there.