South Park Moving and Storage – South Park, CA

If you are looking to move to San Diego Republic Moving and Storage’s professionals are the premier South Park, San Diego Movers. As seasoned San Diego movers we know all there is to know about San Diego’s neighborhoods and all the things that each neighborhood has to offer. In keeping with our dedication to our customers and providing all of the tools necessary to complete a successful move we have provided an overview of one of our favorite San Diego neighborhoods to move to, South Park.

South Park is a neighborhood in San Diego, California located east of Balboa Park.  Once considered part of the “Golden Hill” neighborhood, South Park separated out and into its own quaint, urban neighborhood.  South Park is also north of Grant Hill and south of North Park, the boundary being Juniper Street.

A charming, historical neighborhood known for its twinkle-lighted trees that line the main street and its walkable, local business district, South Park is home to 70 independently owned small businesses which have been gaining repute since the late 1990s. Businesses include: small restaurants and taverns, small breweries, art galleries and studios, boutiques and vintage stores, gift shops, eclectic coffee shops, small yoga studios, one gym, a bicycle shop and a dog wash. Chain and franchise businesses are rare and not easily welcomed into this neighborhood which heavily supports small businesses; the 7-11 market and gas station and smaller-versioned Target known as ‘Target Express’ being the only two. The Historical 30th and Fern business center is comprised of three historical buildings: one of San Diego’s oldest surviving Fire Stations, The Rose Grocery Store and the Burlingame Garage; all three buildings which have since been restored were instrumental in the transformation of South Park in the early to mid-1900s.

Predominantly a single-family residence area with a few small apartment buildings and bungalow courts South Park is a mix of neighborly and urban and is as diverse as the residents that live there. Residents of South Park range in: income, age, sexual orientation, and race. Pedestrianism, is relatively high compared to the rest of San Diego. The neighborhood is accessible by car via 30th Street, via convenient bicycle lanes and is conveniently served by the number 2 line bus. For daily updates of the South Park area, events and businesses click here.


The South Park business district hosts quarterly Walkabouts on Saturday evenings in March, July, October and December. Shops stay open late, live music and refreshments are provided, and a free trolley carries attendees from Beech Street to Grape Street and Juniper Street

Grape Street Dog Park

No proclaimed dog-friendly neighborhood like South Park would be complete without an amazing dog park.  The largest dog park in the Balboa Park system is Grape Street Dog Park which is located at Grape and 28th Street in South Park and spans five acres. The open grassy fields are surrounded by trees and the edge of the property’s view is a breathtaking view of Balboa Golf Course and Downtown San Diego. Amenities include doggie water fountains, human restrooms and off leash hours ranging from 7:30 am to 9pm weekdays and 8am to 9pm on weekends.

Old House Fair

A celebration of historic homes and the historic South Park neighborhood this annual summer event which is free-to-attend features: tours, entertainment, festival food vendors, children’s art and craft activities, pet adoption, gardening projects and interactive play for the whole family to enjoy.  For more information on the Old House Fair click here.

Although South Park is one of our favorite places to move to it has a very low turnover rate amongst renters. If you are looking to rent in the South Park Area we recommend keeping a close eye on these apartment and condo renting sites (places do go fast!). If you live in the San Diego area and have the luxury of taking a day off to drive around the area in search of places to live this is by far the easiest and most effective way to find a place to live in this neighborhood. Many places do not list their places for rent on-line but rather post a sign outside the property.

For our homeowner friends we recommend that you visit your local South Park Listings.